Understanding exposure will turn your auto happy snaps into well exposed images with the consistency to shoot it right, time and time again.
In this 1-on-1 photographic course you will leave behind the green auto mode and learn the importance of your camera’s shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings.
The course is divided into 8 sessions so that we can be with you every step of the way as you become the master of your camera. You will receive homework to be completed before the next session so that we can follow up on your progress.

During the course you will learn how to capture movement by either freezing action, or creating a misty water effect. Photography is all about story telling, the movement in your photograph will tell the story the way you want to share it with the world, and not the way “Auto” on your camera decides to capture the image. This skill will make you a more creative photographer.

You will learn the importance of focus. If your image is about a flower, your focus needs to be on that flower and not the rock behind it. Once your focus is correct you learn to control depth of field. You can then decide how much information you want in your image. Very shallow depth of field and your focus is only on your subject with a blurred background. Very deep depth of field and your image will be sharp from the grass in the foreground to the mountains and the clouds in the background

Included in your sessions will be Photoshop training teaching you step by step how to enhance the colour and contrast in your photography. You will learn how to create proper black and white images. Cropping and re-sizing as well as cloning unwanted objects from an image and much more.
You will also learn to work in Layers for non-destructive editing.
You will receive homework to complete to make sure you properly understand all the work covered. Video training files will be supplied as your course notes.

Join us on this photographic journey and become the master of your camera!
Course Fee: R4 200 (Save R800, Normally R5 000)
Course is available in English or Afrikaans
Please contact us for more information